Sunday, December 9, 2012

Part 1:  Transplanting Seedlings into a non-cycled system.

This is an experiment to observe if these seedling will survive a transplant into the Food Factory System, before it has cycled.  Cycled means that beneficial bacteria has already formed in the growbed, which will help the plants absorb energy form the nutrients rich aquaponic water.

The system is stocked with 30 fingerling pure blue Tilapia.  I recently did a 90% water change after cleaning the system at the end of the summer growing season.  The plants that I have transplanted are from my back yard garden.  These plants had been planted to close together in the soil and therefore never became bid healthy plants.  I will be putting the plants into the Food Factory system in about the same growing area.  However, because the roots will be bathed in nutrient rich water, my hypothesis is that they will grow to be large and healthy, assuming they survive this transplant.

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