Friday, March 2, 2012

How I Increased My Metabolism To Get Six Pack Abs

This is the beginning of a web series that invites you to learn how to get six pack abs.  Think about it, one of the benefits to eating healthy is looking good.  I will share some of my favorite recipes based on the beautiful salads that can be readily prepared from the Aquaponic Basics system.

Part One Review A Great Snack to eat.  Increasing your metabolism is a way to program your body to get out of starvation mode, in which it stores energy in the form of excess fat.  This is many cases is because people eat too view meals.  In addition, when they do eat, they ofter eat way too much.  This signals your brain to think that it better hold on to this meal, because who knows the next time the body will be fed.  Snacking on healthy, nutrient dense foods is part of the keys to success.


In Part 2, I will review one of my favorite proteins to add to a garden salad.  This great thing about salads in that they can contain just about any lean protein you like.  You can eat a huge salad, which is easy on your digestive system and low on the bad carbohydrates.  Just add a simple dressing, if any to make sure you don't turn a healthy meal into a disaster.  Avoid those creamy salad dressing that too often contains weird ingredients.  If you can't pronounce it or wouldn't recognize it in nature, that means it probably was cooked up in a lab to increase the company profits by extending the shelf life.  You may have been looking at ingredients that you have just become accustom to seeing like gargum cellose, xanthum gum etc.  You have just become numb to seeing the warning signs.  Don't eat that crap.  Just stop it and the pounds will start to come off.  


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