Monday, March 5, 2012

Muscle Mass Fountain of Youth Proteins or Deadly Aquaponics Salad Dressing

Some of the best proteins to build muscle mass are salmon, egg whites, and chicken breasts. All of these are excellent toppings for the super green aquaponic basics garden salad.

Did you know that aquaponics can slowly kill you if you use the wrong salad dressings? Its is so important that you read the labels on those creamy salad dressings. Many of them contain a food additive called carraggean that can make you very sick and unhealthy over time. Think of these chemicals that you find in your food as the equivalent of taking a daily dose of poison. Just like you might take a daily vitamin, adding this into your coffee is the equivalent of dosing yourself with stuff that can make you ill or kill you. Do your research and know what you are eating folks.  Here are two helpful resources.

It is possible to live longer and stay younger longer if you give the body what it needs and expects. Our bodies where designed to work with the whole foods found in nature not these chemical or genetically modified food like substances.


  1. sir: you need to do some research. here is the link for said research.

    seaweed is not a killer. perhaps you were pointing about the sulfates? i might be inclined to listen to that one point. seaweed by itself has been used in Japanese cooking for literally centuries. i do not see their death rates going up. fact is , some Japanese that live on a diet of seaweed have exceeded the life expectancy by several decades. so... you need to please change your post to reflect this. thanks.

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  3. Thank you for your comments. Wikipedia is not the best source to site related to "research". I would refer you to Google: New England Journal of Medicine or toxicity and carrageenan, as I have done. You may obtain a more thorough understanding of this dangerous food additive, "derived" from seaweed. You may also find it helpful to use one of the many apps available on your smart phone to quickly scan what other hazardous food-like substances have been slipped into the American diet by the food industry. We have simply become accustomed to seeing these bizarre ingredients, many of which are created in a laboratory.

    We have simple become numb to seeing the words, blind without recognizing the danger. Yet, we can see the effects of our passivity all around us in the form of obesity, allergies, cancers and accelerated aging.

    I have explained to my children that the inventors of these scientific breakthroughs may have been well intentioned. However, our food industry have perverted these discoveries. Robyn O'Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It, suggested recently in an NPR interview that we American's are test subjects for the food industry. There have been no long term studies on the effects of eating a dramatically altered diet than intended by The Creator.

    I am already enjoying a much healthier and stronger body with increased energy. Buying and eating natural foods as an alternative, that taste better and don't have all of the documented health risks has made a tremendous difference in my overall health.

    Your comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you for viewing the blog and expressing your opinion.

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